Booking and Reservation System: Types, Importance and Steps of Booking

What is Booking and Reservation System

Booking and Reservation Systems are service providers' top choice as customers search for their required services online first. Any business with an online reservation system or mobile app in place almost always sees an increase in exposure, ultimately resulting in larger sales.

What is Booking & Reservation System?

Booking & reservation systems are online websites and applications that allow customers to book services or reserve amenities via the Internet on their computers or mobile devices. Hotels, tickets, or restaurant table reservations can be automated via these web solutions.

Steps of Guest Reservation On a Reservation Systems

Though there are different types of reservation systems, fit for different kinds of businesses, most of them have the below steps common in them -

Step 1 - Customer Acquisition

Step 2 - Communication

Step 3 - Reservation Request

Step 4 - Reservation Acceptance

Step 5 - Confirmation Notification

Step 6 - Modification

Step 7 - Pre-arrival Facilities

1. Customer Acquisition

The customer acquisition process generally involves promotional efforts. Offers and advertisements on the business websites, mobile applications or associated social media handles would ensure customer acquisition.

2. Communication

Direct communication with the business assures customers to book and avail of necessary services. Live chat, phone number, full address, and a contact form ensure formality and ease of getting through to the customer.

  • Full Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email ID
  • Live Chatting
  • Social Media Handles

3. Reservation Request

The business owner will take the next step as they send a formal request to customers if they would like to book the provided services. Asking a simple “Would you like to book our services?” on the phone or leaving a formal message with links to the company’s Internet Booking Engine (IBE) makes things easier for the customer to act on it.

4. Customer Accepting Request

The next step is the potential customer accepting the request from the service provider. Some may be in two minds about deciding between a few options but getting that request from the service provider can be that little push they need to confirm their booking.

5. Confirmation Notification

Once the customers attempt to reserve or book necessary services beforehand, an automated notification message is sent to the customer via their email address or phone number as soon as they confirm their booking.

  • Email Notification
  • Payment Confirmation
  • Booking Confirmation

6. Booking Modification

The promise of flexibility always attracts customers. The option to modify the booking order after confirmation, easy refund policy in case of change of plans and cordial customer support can represent ease of modification.

  • Change of Information
  • Cancellation Request
  • Refund Request
  • Easy Refund Policy

7. Pre-arrival Facilities

These are facilities ensured before the customers arrive to avail of their booked services. This can demonstrate sincerity and hospitality from the service provider, making the guest feel comfortable and well-treated.

  • Reservation Reminder
  • Location Finding Assistance
  • Pick-up Service
  • ID Verification

Types of Booking and Reservation Systems

There are different types of Booking and Reservation System based on the different business area. Almost all businesses can benefit from an online outlet, but service providers need this system. Below listed are some of the major companies that profit from an integrated online booking system -

1. Hotel Reservation Systems

A Hotel reservation system is necessary for a hotel business no matter how big or small. This system will act as a digital manager and accountant rolled into one. Hoteliers may expand their business online by letting customers book rooms and services via an integrated Internet Booking Engine (IBE), which is automatically incorporated with the Central Reservation System (CRS).

  • Availability inquiry
  • Receiving reservation request
  • Booking confirmation
  • Accepting payment
  • Booking modification options
  • Cancellations and refunds

2. Restaurant Reservation Systems

Many renowned restaurants require prior table reservations weeks or months in advance. There are plenty of restaurant reservation systems in the market and they have varying degrees of customer authorization. Some of the options these systems provide are -

  • Online Booking
  • Guest CRM
  • Pre-payment
  • Waitlist
  • Online ordering/Contactless dining
  • Table Management
  • Price Listing
  • Discounts
  • POS Integration

3. Doctor’s Appointment Booking Systems

Hospitals and clinics nowadays have individual appointment reservation system software. These have straightforward interfaces for finding necessary information regarding booking procedures and customer care facilities. Some may have payment, cancellation and refund options integrated into it as well.

4. Salon Appointment Booking Systems

Salon appointment booking systems are usually web systems that let clients book appointments. The user interface may consist of common booking modifications, cancellations etc. options. It automates the ordering process for the clients and appointment management for the salon.

5. Venue Reservation Systems

Venue booking systems are websites or applications developed for customers to automate the reservation procedure part of the business for everyone’s convenience. People need venues for family gatherings, wedding events, seminars and conferences etc. and the businesses serve on a first-come-first-serve basis. Automating the booking system makes life easier for business owners and customers since they are strictly based on availability.

6. Vehicle or Driver Booking Systems

Car and chauffeur rental services also offer online reservation systems, which can ensure the highest possible utilization of the cars and drivers ready to be used by the customers. These services may rent out cars or drivers at will or both at a set rate automatically calculated by the system depending on factors primarily added. These booking systems can allow customers to choose how big a car they want, how far they want to travel, and how long they wish to reserve the chosen services.

7. Ticket Booking Systems

Flight, bus, train, movie, sports matches etc. tickets can be booked via select authorized online reservation systems approved by the distributors or organizers. Many of these tickets are made available well in advance, so the customers have time to be sure before booking.

8. Virtual Event Reservation Systems

Virtual or online events like classes, workshops, webinars etc. distribute tickets or seats to be booked via this system. It essentially helps organizers keep track of the number of probable attendees. 

9. Product Rental Systems

These systems allow customers to borrow products with due terms and conditions for a set period. These websites or systems can list anything from clothing to business-specific equipment. Renting is usually cheaper than buying something and people choose this route when they need something for a certain period or are unsure about their necessity in the long run. It is always a more sustainable option for the customers as well as the environment.

Importance of Booking System

Businesses choose this solutions to automate certain parts of their work to make it easier for business owners to run big service-providing enterprises smoothly.

Online Presence

The reservation system ensures the online presence of the service provider business. It gives credibility to any business online or offline because search them online first before making calls or booking online.

Greater Exposure

An online persona is always important for getting widespread online exposure for any business. Greater online exposure always results in greater revenue in the long run. Online promotional campaigns can help get companies get bigger exposure.

Customer Satisfaction

The business becomes more efficient for the customer with an integrated booking and reservation system. Customers can see updated rates, facilities, and discounts with this dedicated online system. 

Get Ahead of the Competition

Businesses can choose a business reservation system to get ahead of the competition. Service provider companies always benefit from this system so research the facilities your competitors provide so that you can create your system providing even better service and options.

Secure Payments

Security is another important reason why businesses choose to get this system. With their system solution, payments can be conducted via secure channels, which would be peaceful for both parties.

Increase of Sales

The ease of access increases the sales and revenue of any business, and that’s where booking and reservation systems come into play. With a mobile application, any business can see an increase in revenue because everyone is on their phone, so it would be easier for them to avail their choice of service.

Information Resources

The reservation system can chiefly be used as a source of information because anything you need to know about the business before booking their services would be listed there. Service or product details will be listed accordingly so customers can choose and reserve without hassle.

Speedier Cash Flow

Online transactions are always faster than offline ones. So, a secured payment gateway integrated with reservation system software would naturally mean the incoming cash flow will be speedier.