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Web Development Service

SourceBit specializes in cutting-edge web system solutions configurable to the client's preference. Our developers code with the client’s ultimate business growth and long-term interest in mind.

How We Develop Websites?

Secured back and front-end development on websites paired with quality UI and UX is how any website or application comes into being.

1st Step: Planning Before Development

Planning diligently before constructing a website is a crucial step for the business owner and the developer. At the initial stage of the development process, the business owner would state their requirements and the developer would speak from experience to make them visualize what the fully functional website would become.

2nd Step: Content Mapping

Content is key. Case studies, competitor analysis, and industry research are monumental for content mapping because without them the chosen content will not help your client’s business as you would like.

Writing for your audience and designing for your users is the first and foremost trick of content mapping. We picture the entire user experience beforehand to deliver engaging written and visual content. 

3rd Step: Setting Precise Business Goals

We always keep the client’s overall business goals in mind throughout the website design and development process. One question we must ask our clients is - What do you want your website or application to do for your business?

This helps us design and build around their offline and online goals to get the best out of these projects in the long run. 

4th Step: Programming Phase

After planning and content mapping around clients’ online business goals, we sit down with our design and development to crack on with the programming part of things. Based on what the client wants, we decide which programming language and framework would work best and the front and backend developers start working on the project.

5th Step: Testing and Feedback

Once the programming is done and dusted, it is time to test the prototype before sending it to the client for feedback. If there is a request to change or fix something, our developer and designers will do that diligently before the final launch.

6th Step: Launch

Launching is the inauguration part of the project. The designed, coded, tested, and finalized website or application hits the internet on its launch date. After the launch, customers and potential clients can find the site or app online. This marks the day of our big achievement.

7th Step: Post-launch Support

At SourceBit, we believe in assisting our clients every step of the way for as long as they need it. You can ask us for training and guidelines for using the newly built system anytime and our team of skilled developers are ready to help you.

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) That We Follow

SDLC is a tried and tested methodology utilized by most web designing and development teams around the world

  • 1: Requirements Analysis and Market Research

    At the very first phase, we analyze client requirements before we can dive into market research and industry best practices.

  • 2: Planning and Strategizing

    Planning for the next phases of the development procedure and choosing the best strategies for the varied business goals. This phase cannot come before the analysis and research phase since these plans and strategies must base on valid research.

  • 3: System Designing

    Designing systems following the plans and strategies decided upon by the client and developers comes in this phase of SDLC.

  • 4: Content Creation

    This phase includes choosing and designing content as to what goes where on the developed system which definitely requires a great deal of involvement. 

  • 5: Programming and Development

    After the contents are ready, developers work on the system to program what is looks like and what goes where. The web programming

  • 6: Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

    After the development is complete, the testing and quality assurance team if any bugs or errors have been left behind. This is the last step before the product is inaugurated or launched in the market.

  • 7: Maintenance

    Maintenance is the continuous support the service provider gives as per the prior contract for as long as the client wishes from the day it hits the market.

The SourceBit Approach 

Clean Codes

We write clean codes that are easy to maintain and change in post-production. This is done reader-focused so that it is easy to read, write, rewrite and sustain. 

Impenetrable Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of programming to us and we take it very seriously. We code our systems with a secured framework integrating the latest technologies in the market.

Compatibility Across All Common Devices

We know that websites are no longer used solely on desktop and laptop computers. So, we build sites that are compatible and well responsive across most if not all devices as per our client’s order.

Ease of Access

We don’t want customers to leave our sites because they cannot read or use parts of them, which is always bad for business. Your business is our headache while developing systems for you. 

Concrete Plan and Purpose

We always like to form a proper plan before starting a new project. To achieve that, we often have to pinpoint the clear purpose of the project and that’s exactly what we do. We arrange meetings with our clients to understand what they want clearly. 

Once we have a plan in place, we like to set more meetings to finalize it before the project timeline can be given.

User-first Design

The design of the User Interface has a lot to do with how the traffic and customers experience your services. We keep that in mind while designing and developing your systems. Viewers are our topmost priority.

Strictly True to Our Values

We never defy our values come hell or high water. SourceBit loves to fulfill its commitment with utmost honesty and goodwill. We take full responsibility for our creation for as long as the client wants us in the fold.

Why Do You Get A Website?

There is no alternative to getting a website for businesses nowadays. No matter what kind of business you run, we will greatly benefit from an official business website any day. A few major perks would be to -

  • Make Businesses More Credible
  • Establish Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Increase of Sales
  • Exposure to Potential Organing Traffic
  • Constant Interactiveness
  • Better Customer Connectivity
  • Official Outlet for Business Announcements
  • Digital Marketing Opportunities

Why Choose Us for Web Design and Development Service?

  • You will always get a quick response from us.

You will always find someone here sincerely attending to your queries during the development and after the website is launched.

  • We don’t only program, we create experiences.

With our vision fixed on building first-class user experiences, we work every day to transcend our responsibility of web development.

  • Our clients stay in the fold of things at all times.

We prefer working with our clients in a close-knit team environment. Throughout the design and delivery process, we like constant feedbacks to guide us along the way.

  • You get the best value for your money with us.

We always ensure competitive pricing on our products to satisfy clients no matter their budget and requirements.

  • Timely delivery is our specialty.

SourceBit developers and designers are great with deadlines which back years of experience in their respective fields. You will get no late deliveries.

  • Content development and digital marketing all in one place.

With us, you get quality digital marketing and content development along with your website should you choose to get it.

  • We work in small teams of experts for your projects.

Our team of experts is ready to help you out in their small teams so that you know easily who would understand your queries better. We let experts shine on their own devices.

Features We Provide

Custom Content Management System (CMS)

Depending on their business types and individuals maintaining the site for respective companies, different layouts and functionalities are handy. Since “Content is key,” we focus extra hard on building you a content management system best suited to your preference and business needs. 

Administration Panel

The functions and authorizations enabled in the newly built admission panel would be customized for our client's particular needs and requirements.

User Authentication

User authentication is the process of verifying the user’s identity which is necessary to build customer loyalty so that the users can feel like they belong with the company. An easy yet secure user authentication process will make that possible and we will build it for you. 

User Authorization

User authorization is the process of allowing a degree of authorization to the registered and unregistered customers. Like authentication, authorization too allows the users to feel part of the team.

Contact Form

Every website needs a contact form for receiving messages from users in an orderly manner. We will customize your contact forms as traditional or funky as you want them.

Social Media Integration

Businesses are utilizing social media platforms to their absolute advantage nowadays. Integrating your business website with all the social media handles you keep is very significant and we can make it happen error-free and completely customized.

Responsive Layout

Responsive website design signifies uninterrupted user functionalities depending on screen size, orientation, and platform. The systems we build are famous for their super responsive layouts. 

Customized Features

We can customize any system as per our client's requirements. If there are features you want customized to meet your requirements and business goals. People often opt for customized looks and functionalities to build a unique brand.

Our System Development Principles

Secured System

Systems secured from all the latest online threats are every business owner and developer's dream. Our developers are equipped to build your dream website with top-notch security.

Clean Codebase

An easily-understandable project structure enables a consistent format. Using self-explanatory names all the time can help avoid repetition. Unnecessarily long codes will always make things harder to tweak going forward.

Eye-catching User Interface (UI)

Building attention-grabbing designs for the end users is our expertise. We are the right choice if you want a User Interface that captures the heart of your customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To give your websites the best chance of reaching your target audience, we optimize the site and its contents with updated SEO strategies. 

Business-Centric Designs

We specialize in building business-centric websites with strategies best suited to achieve every client’s preferred business objectives. We can develop and integrate all the tools required to arm your company with a complete online system solution.

Technologies We Use for Web Development

For Frontend and UI/UX Development

  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (AJAX) 
  • Bootstrap V4 & V5

For Backend Development

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Codeigniter
  • Node.js
  • Go
  • Python 
  • WordPress
  • Magento

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Web Development Service

  1. Are we professionals?

We are a sincere team of skilled professionals providing quality web solutions.

  1. Is there any maintenance option?

Yes, we offer our clients post-launch support and maintenance for all the systems we build.

  1. How much does web development cost?

Though web development costs can differ greatly depending on the client's requirements, we do have a Pricing section for more straightforward options should you like to pick one from there.

  1. How do clients communicate?

Please, contact us via the Contact Form or call us directly at +8801879133555.

  1. Do we use the latest technologies?

We are extremely updated about the latest and up-and-coming technologies so that we can always provide the very best for our clients.

  1. What about SEO? Is SEO included?

SourceBit has an in-house team of SEO experts so should you want your system search engine optimized, you can choose to have it.

  1. How do you create content?

We have Content Writers experts in almost any niche you can name. You ask for content and we deliver on-point.

  1. What do clients need to provide?

Our clients need to provide us with their personal plans and requirements or they need to invest time to sit down with our consultants who can help them pick out the best options for their business solutions.