What is Custom Website Development? Difference with Regular Web Development with Advantages and Drawbacks

What is Custom Web Development?

Web applications customized to the particular needs of a business and individual brands are called Custom Web Development. As the clients specify their requirements and the development strictly follows, the system is bound to be unique.

As a practical example, a Content Management System (CMS) built from scratch is a custom web solution for the client concerned.

Some may confuse “Custom” and “Customized” web solutions as something different, but both imply very similar if not the same thing.

Custom Web Development VS. Regular Web Development

No Common Platform

Regular ready-made websites are built on common platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Jimbo, Joomla etc. but customized web solutions are made from scratch for the client.

Unique Architecture and Interface

Regular web solutions are developed on pre-made system architecture which often lacks uniqueness. Businesses opt for custom websites and applications to stand out from the crowd with their straight-out-of-the-box uniqueness.

Only What’s Necessary

Often with regular web-based systems comes unnecessary sections and features that are hard to shake off. With a custom-made unique design, our clients can avoid the clutter that comes with the regular systems built on standard web development platforms.

Latest Technology

Regular web systems cannot usually adapt to the fast-changing domain of technology so choosing a customized system solution leaving room for the latest technology to be incorporated over time is better for growing businesses.

Custom Web Development Pros and Cons

With only a few cons, customized web development almost always wins the race against regular solutions. Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons anyhow -

Pros of Custom Web Development

Easy to Configure

Customized websites are created to be modifiable and long-lasting keeping the forthcoming growth in technology. Business owners can change their custom systems over time with little effort.

Future-proof System Architecture

Custom web solutions often come enabled with technology that can accommodate changes and improvements up-coming in the future. That lengthens the durability of the system architecture.

Extendable Functionalities

Custom solutions make the system functionalities extendable to more advanced features, later on. 

Long-Lasting Web Solutions to Survive the Test of Time

Custom websites can be monumentally better for business because it stops websites from remaining fully functional for the longest time no matter how many updates are made by development platforms and frameworks.

Cons of Custom Web Development

Longer Development Time 

More time is needed in ideating, programming, designing, and developing custom web development which proves to be a con for businesses needing quicker delivery.

Bigger Budget

Often requires a bigger budget than regular system development because of the long hours and higher expertise required during the development process.

Types of Customized Web Development

  • Custom E-commerce System
  • Custom Enterprise Resource Planning System
  • Custom Human Resource Management and Payroll System
  • Custom Booking and Reservation System
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Custom Client Relationship Management System

Ideas for Custom Development

Customized Web Development comprising various functionalities that venture into the below-listed niches and beyond -

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System

Accounting Systems

HR (Human Resource) Management and Payroll System

POS (Point-of-sale) System

Inventory Management

Content Management System (CMS)

E-commerce System

Reservation and Booking System

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Mobile App Development

Client Relationship Management (CRM)Billing/Invoicing Systems


  • Are Custom Web Development Secured?

Yes, businesses often choose custom solutions for better security. Because having websites on common platforms requires sharing some information with the platforms.

  • How long does it take to build a custom website?

Though it is impossible to give a price without going through the ideation process at least, if you book a consultation with us, our representatives can provide you with a rough estimate after learning about your basic requirements.