15 Important Features of Hotel Reservation and Booking System with Reporting

The Hotel Reservation System empowers hotel staff to take the hotel to new heights and improve efficiency while ensuring guest satisfaction and profitability. Let’s look at some common features that can transform hotel management: 

1. Online Booking System

Hotel reservation systems must have a seamlessly integrated online booking system, a Website that allows guest to reserve rooms from the comfort of their own homes. This feature not only increases the hotel's visibility but also provides an easy and convenient booking experience, attracting more customers and boosting revenue.

2. Front Desk Reservation Interface

This dedicated front desk reservation interface makes the task easy for the hotel reception representative. It streamlines the check-in process, allows hotel staff to quickly receive reservations physically or using other media from the front desk, and ensures that no reservation goes unnoticed.

This efficiency leads to satisfied guests and staff who can focus on providing exceptional service.

3. Check-in and Check-Out Options

This helps to eliminate the long waiting time for guests at the front desk. Guests will appreciate the quick and efficient service, enhancing their overall experience and encouraging them to return for future stays.

4. Room Inventory

Room inventory management is one of the key features that every hotel reservation system must have. Setting up room information,  room categories, and pricing is the main purpose of this feature.

5. Multiple Room Rates & Discount

This handy feature allows hotel owners and staff to tailor room rates to different seasons, room types, events, or special promotions. This flexibility helps to maximize revenue by attracting guests with varying budgets while ensuring hotel's profitability.

6. Room Shifting

Guests may change their minds or have special requests. This special room-shifting feature lets hotel representatives accommodate guest needs without a hitch, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction throughout their stay. 

The best part of this feature is, that no new invoice creation for changed room is required. Hotel staff can arrange the requested room for the honorable guest using the existing invoice of the guest. 

7. Guest Continuing Option

Guest may want to extend the stay period in the hotel.  Using this feature hotel staff can delight the honorable guests by offering the option to extend their stay with a simple click. This transition process can be done swiftly within the same reservation and invoice number. 

Additionally, this feature eliminates the need of check-out process and assign new room to the guest. This convenience can lead to longer bookings, happier guests, and increased revenue for the hotel.

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8. Customizable Invoicing or Receipt Creation

Another handy feature of hotel reservation system is, customizable invoicing and receipt. With this feature, staff can create professional invoices or receipts tailored to hotel's branding. 

This not only looks impressive but also provides transparent, itemized bills, instilling trust in hotel guests and facilitating smoother transactions.

9. Separate Guest Management

This feature lets staff see former and existing guest information, room history, etc. This handy feature provides personalized experiences for guests by managing their information and preferences separately. 

Understanding their needs helps hotel staff go the extra mile to make their stay unforgettable.

10. User Management

This feature allows the reservation system to control its users by granting various levels of access to the system. This essential feature protects sensitive data while enabling the team to perform their duties efficiently.

11. Reservation Cancellation

Sometimes plans change and this helpful feature allows guests to cancel their reservations, and hotel staff can easily manage these requests without hassle. This flexibility ensures a positive reputation and encourages future bookings.

12. Easy Housekeeping

Hotel staff can streamline housekeeping operations with this feature. Staff can efficiently assign tasks for maintenance, track room status, and ensure that rooms are cleaned and ready for new guests promptly.

13. Managing Additional Services

This feature offers additional services like spa treatments, room service, or airport transfers, and manage them seamlessly through the system. This not only enhances the guest experience but also increases the hotel's revenue streams.

14. Reporting

Report generation feature helps the staff gain valuable insights into hotel's performance with comprehensive reporting options, such as guest report, sales report, occupancy report and room availability report. 

These reports help the management to analyze occupancy rates, revenue, and guest preferences to make informed decisions and drive growth.

15. Payment Gateway

Payment gateway integration securely handle payments and improve the guest experience by streamlining the various payment methods. It simplifies transactions, reduces payment errors, and ensures the security of financial data.


Common Reports of A Hotel Reservation System

Hotel reservation system reports

Room Status Report

The hotel reservation system can show real-time room status, whether available, booked, or occupied.

Rooming Report

The names of guests are listed against the rooms which is one of the most important reports for the hotel owners.

Occupancy Report

An updated occupancy report reflects which rooms are occupied and available for booking.

Arrival-Departure Report

The real-time reports of the guest's arrival and departures are also listed for convenience and can be published as a report.

Guest Report

Guests present at the hotel with their details are listed as a report for the hoteliers to use in the guest list.

Country-wise Guest Report

Which guests are from which country is listed in these reports for further information or required benefits extended to them by the hotel.

Payment-wise Report

Which guests preferred a payment type or method is listed in those reports for further research.

Sales Report

Annual sales reports are one of the most convenient reports generated by the reservation system.